Kush.com Updates: Hemp Price Analysis, THC2021, New / Upcoming Features

The Texas Hemp Convention is closing in!

10 weeks and counting…

November 20-21st The Texas Hemp Convention will be back at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. We hosted one of the largest Hemp Industry events in history last January, with over 300 exhibitors, 50+ educational sessions, and 15,000+ attendees at #THC2020

Texas Hemp Convention 2020 Video Recap

Tickets for general attendees are now available at HERE!

Interested in exhibiting? See more details at texashempconvention.com, or write us at info@kush.com

An In Depth 2021 Hemp Price Analysis Coming Soon..

In time for Croptober, we’ve been working on an in depth price analysis spanning popular product categories on kush.com. In the past we’ve been a leader in market pricing by hosting an open marketplace, showing live pricing data on our Analytics page, and even publishing Price Analysis like this CBD Isolate Analysis in early 2021.

Coming in the next few weeks expect a deep analysis of all the Products Posted, Offers Made, and Offers Accepted on kush.com for the last 6 months. We’ve been going through about 8,000 points of data, creating an easy to read analysis of everything from Outdoor CBD Flower, to Delta 8 Distillate. Available to the public will be the average price for products posted across all product categories, but we’ll be making a more detailed analysis for the Members Only Content page on kush.com, available to Premium Members Only!

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

New & Upcoming Features on Kush.com

If you’ve been using the Kush Marketplace for a few years (we started in WA Cannabis back in 2017!), then you’ve seen some major changes to the platform in the past year. Our Premium Membership base has grown, and we’ve been constantly look to add more features and value to the platform!

Here’s some of the features we’ve added this summer, and an overview of how they work:

Click here for a General How It Works Overview

Kush.com Influencers

Our newest addition to the kush.com network is the Influencer Page:

The influencer page is fairly simple. If your looking for some exposure on social media, but looking for a cannabis and hemp following, try reaching out to some of the influencers on kush.com! Head over to the influencer page, find a fitting personality and account, then go ahead and shoot them a message with your info and what your after.

Do you have a hemp / cannabis following? Signup to be an influencer HERE.

Buyer Prospecting

At the top of kush.com you’ll find an option for ‘Prospecting’. Buyer Prospecting is an easy way for sellers to be proactive, and seek out fitting buyers without needing to wait for an offer.

Currently Premium Members have the ability to contact 10 buyers per month with the Prospecting tool. Basically, you’ll be able to search through our database of thousands of buyers, to find one that might be a fitting buyer for your products;

You’ll be able to see some basic info about the Buyers History on kush.com, including competed deals, cancelled deals, and the product categories that they’ve interacted with. From there you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to 10 buyers a month with your contact info and a short pitch.

Coming soon: In the near future we plan on adding more tracking for past contacts, additional statistics, and even the ability to purchase more than 10 contacts per month.

Kush.com Order Process

The general order process on kush.com has gotten an upgrade this summer! We’ve added both DirectPay and Storefronts to the site in 2021. To account for all the new variables we’ve replaced the old Store Orders & My Orders pages with Orders Received and Orders Made.

Now, as a seller you can see all of the sales you’ve made on Orders Received page (even Storefront orders). While the Orders Made page is just for Buyers tracking purchases.

Additionally, we’ve added details about DirectPay payments to the Orders Received page. Now when a buyer makes a purchase using DirectPay, sellers will be automatically paid out through the Square integration and the Receipt Number can be verified from both the Square Account and on the kush.com Orders Received page.

Like always, if you have any questions just write us at info@kush.com

Signup for a free buyer account today! To start selling a membership is required (starting at just $15/mo). Update all the company / contact, then schedule a quick onboarding call from this link; https://calendly.com/joe-469

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